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Aphrozeina-The beginning(English)-Part 4-The Unxpected News

“Uh-um!” I’m out of words!!!
“What!? No way! No way she’s you!” He screamed like a girl! Not really...
“Who’s she?” I asked interupting his whining thing
“Umm...Uh...My cousin! Yes my cousin! It can’t be you! But, you look 100% different. How should I say look...prettier?” He said with one of his eyebrow lift up.
“So what! And don’t spread it to anybody!” I plead him.’s look like threatening him.
“Fine. Oh and umm...I didn’t see anything just now. I swear! You still have your dignity.” He said lifting his two finger to say ‘peace’ or ‘swear’
“Of COURSE I still have my dignity, idiot! I’m going back to my room. Knock before you enter” I yell at him releasing all of my anger. But...he look...harmless...and kind somehow...I feel kinda guilty. Nah, he won’t be sad just like that. Oh well, look at the time! I will need to skedaddle!
I rush to my own room when I realized I’ve been in the Jacuzzi for more than half an hour! Lucky my mom’s not here, I’m sure she’ll be screaming at me when she found out about this. But I swear to myself that I won’t let her know about this. She’ll kill me in an instant, ‘IF’ she founds out about this.
               I really wasted all of my energy today. I’ll need a reaallyyy long sleep today! I’m going to sleep without eating dinner.
“Mitsuki! I beg of you, please, please don’t go. Please don’t waste your life to safe me. I’m a failure God. But you, you are the most beautiful Goddess that Zeus has created by combining the other God and Goddesses power. I beg you, just once....” Who’s that? Where am I? What’s happening? Wew! Bloody hell!-Am I copying Ron from the Harry Potter now? Duh!- But I’m sure it’s true! This place is like hell and there is a man who is covered by blood! What the hell is happening here? Hmm....that guy sure look the same as the Grim Reaper. Well except that he’s using kinda weird fashion clothing. He’s using a white robe with a gleaming light that seems like faded around it. His hair is blonde and kinda long, well, long to the neck somehow looks like Kazune. But nope, he’s different. His eyes are light brown just like that Keisuke. He’s a pretty handsome one. Well I think it goes for Keisuke too. But this guy’s condition is much much worse. He’s bleeding internally and his chest is stab? Oh my gosh!
“Keisuke, I’m sorry, i couldn’t be a more useful wife to you. I’m sorry. Please take care of our son for me.” That woman, I can’t see her face, her voice, seems familiar for me. But, did you hear it? Keisuke? Son? He’s married!? No way, he’s just an eight grade student! Just like me!
               I try to look back at the scene in front of me right now, and guess what I’m seeing? She’s going to jump! I try to run to prevent her, but it seems that I’m not moving at all!
“Don’t!” I shouted and the scene has gone black.
“Argh! What the hell is that!?” I try to make the memory get lost, but failed. It stick to my brain, I can’t make it get lost. The bloody scene, the jumping scene, the son and wife scene,....wait! son and wife scene? I need to ask Keisuke about this! Ooo, I almost forgot, The Keisuke in my dream said that He’s a God, remember? Hah! Such a weird dream....I hope he didn’t think I’m crazy and weird. But wait, it’s still in the middle of the night. I can’t go to is room now, it would an unrespectful person I am. Well, at least I want to drink something now. My throat seems so dry and I needed a drink, fast!
               As I’m on the way downstairs, I hear a sound of people talking to each other.
“Keisuke, have you seen her?” Huh? Mom?
“Yes, lady Aphrodite. I’ve seen her, she has the same face, but totally different personality.” Keisuke? What is he doing with my mom?
“But it’s her, she is Aphrozeina. But I think, our work to secure her from Hades has done. So we need to go now, we need to report this to Lord Zeus. Ooh there’s another thing! You must bring her to Zeus, she has the right to know her real father.” Aphrodite? Zeus? Are they talking about me? Real father? No way my real father is Zeus, but, who is the daughter of Zeus? I think that’s impossible to believe Zeus daughter is in this world. I really need to find out, I’ll try to hear more.
“But, if we bring San to the God World, she’ll be....shock somehow.” San? It’s my name! No way! I’m hearing things right? Let me bite my lips...*chomp*...
“WOW! That really HURT” With a really stupido act, I shout really loud!
Now their looking to me with a terrified faces. What is happening actually? Wait! Now I remember  why I bite my own lips. I’m a Goddess? Zeus’ daughter? Ha! No way, No way! I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming. If this is a dream please let me wake up now.
“S-San, we c-could explain all of this.” Keisuke speak as there’s nothing happening to me!-But I could hear that he is trembling- I can’t hear their explanation! I’m terrified right now. I never wanted to hear their explanation! I’m going back!
“Ahh!” I slipped when I tried to climb back upstairs. Oh no!
“SAN!” head hurts, but I’m sure I’m not falling downstairs again. But, why do I feel so weird? it’s like I’m sleepy but....I just wanted to sleep right now.
“I’m sorry....I should do this to you...” Is that Keisuke’s voice? Is he apologizing to me? H-Hey! What’s this warm feeling? I-It’s not normal! Why do my lips feel warm? It’s not like what I’m thinking, right? I really hope not....It’s not possible he kiss me. Ha-ha! Now my mind is really playing games with me.
               My head is tingling, my heart beats hard, my body can’t move but it feels totally hot! My God, help me! AH! Hot! It’s hot! My lips can’t open, but I could feel that it’s dried since last night. Last night? LAST NIGHT! Must be dreaming....Geez, what a dream. I tried to open my eyes, the light is to shiny. Hmm? Why do my hand feel warm now, not hot? Why does it feels like my hand was being hold by someone?
“Hmm...? Ah! San! You wake up!” It’s Keisuke...and if it’s him...why does he still holding my hand? This is totally not normal, guys! My imagination is toooooo high.
“Keisuke? Is it you? I’m not dreaming right?” I ask him by making a strange look, but unfortunately, he still holding my hand! He didn’t realize that we’re enemies the other day.
“Yes, it’s me. What? Why do you give me that strange look?” He really is too slow to realize the holding hand thing.
“’re holding my hand” I said making him let go of my hand. But his face look kinda sad, I don’t know if there’s a bad wind or a magical wind but suddenly I hold his hand!
“Uh? San? What are you-“I need to interrupt him and ask about last night.
“Is that true? My father is not my real one? Explain to me about the Goddess thing, please.” I beg him. But then he smiles making me nervous and a little confuse.
“You must be dreaming! You are screaming out of the blue and I tried to calm you down but you’re holding my hand instead.” He said confidently. Am I just dreaming?
“No! You’re lying! I didn’t hold your hand! You did! Don’t lie to me Keisuke...” And suddenly I muttered something that even I didn’t know what is the thing that I’am talking “Like you did thousands of years before....”Huh? Did I really say this? Dang it! I’m totally nuts, am I?
“Y-you don’t really mean it right? Y-you remember? You remember about me? About us?!” Wha-what? About us? What is he talking about?
“What are you trying to say?! Us?! I don’t think there’s something about US!” I shouted ‘cause I’m totally shock!
“Ah...nothing. Just forget about what I said. Today should be the ball...but it’s been postponed until next week since you’re sick.”
“What!? No way... Ahh...the other looking forward to the ball...”
“But you’re sick. You’re not supposed to be so excited. Relax will you? I’ll leave” No! Don’t leave! W-wait! What am I thinking? Stupid! But I feel that part of me didn’t want to be separated from him.
“Don’t leave...stay with me. I need someone to be with me right now. Please?” Duh! Why my mouth can’t be control!
“Umm...but...” He look at me for a long time...what is he thinking? “Fine. I’ll be with you until you sleep again.” He sits beside me again and I feel that I feel safe and...Kinda warm...weird...Well, let’s try to sleep again. Hmm...Why do I feel that he’s closer than before? Oh no! It’s not what I’m thinking right! He’s not kissing me for sure!
“ sure look like Mitsuki...or should I say you are her.” Huh? Oh, phew... he’s just brushed my face. Who’s Mitsuki anyway? And what does he mean that I’m her. Then I open my eyes and see that he’s holding my hand and try to get some sleep....Didn’t he sleep last night or he didn’t? No way, and by the way...why does he seem so different than the other day? Weird, but somehow I like it. If this is a dream, please don’t let me wake up.
“San?” Whose voice is that?
Oh dear! Who is this heavenly old man? He looks so....Godly? Don’t tell me he’s really a god!
“Who are you?” I said. Why am I shivering anyway?

Aishllinn Summer and The Secret of The 4 Seasons 6

ELDON 1990
      Seorang gadis berambut pirang dengan pita lucu di kepalanya memandang sebuah gedung besar berbentuk istana. Gadis itu menghela nafas dan beranjak pergi memasuki gedung itu. Gedung yang dikenal dengan nama Eldon.
               Sampailah gadis itu di sebuah pintu besar yang menjulang seperti melarang semua orang yang tidak diundang untuk masuk. Gadis tersebut menunggu, dan tiba-tiba pintu tersebut terbuka dengan sendirinya menampakkan bagian dalam Eldon yang megah. Seorang lelaki menatapnya dari jauh seakan sedang menunggu dirinya. Dan ternyata benar, lelaki itu menunggu dirinya, gadis itu berlari menghampiri lelaki yang menatapnya dan gadis itupun tersenyum lebar. Ketika berhadap-hadapan, gadis itu ingin mengucapkan sesuatu tetapi terhenti karena lelaki itu berjalan pergi meninggalkan gadis itu dengan syarat untuk mengikuti.
“....Con...kita kemana?” Tanya Gadis itu kepada lelaki yang bernama Con itu.
“.......”Lelaki itu tidak menjawab seakan-akan tidak mendengar kalau gadis itu baru saja berbicara dengannya. Pada akhirnya mereka berdua tidak bercakap-cakap sedikitpun. Gadis itu hanya murung karena merasa dijauhi.
               Ketika gadis dan lelaki bernama Con itu sampai pada sebuah pintu bertuliskan ‘Ruang Kepala Sekolah’, Gadis itu merasakan tekanan yang luar biasa kuat dari dalam ruangan itu. Gadis itu menunggu sampai Con membukakan pintu. Ketika pintu terbuka, terlihat seorang tua duduk di kursinya tersenyum ke arah mereka.
“Selamat datang Marlianna Thring. Kami sudah menunggu kedatanganmu.” Ucap orang tua tersebut dengan senyum yang tidak lepas dari wajahnya.
“Terimakasih sudah mau menerimaku disini.” Ucap Marlianna sambil membungkuk menandakan terimakasih.
“mm..ini adalah Con, dia akan menjadi pemandumu nanti, bila perlu apa-apa, kau hanya perlu mengatakan kepada Con.” Ucap Orang tua itu sambil mengangguk pelan ke arah Con yang terus diam.
“Kepala sekolah Claymore....apa ada yang perlu kulakukan setelah ini?” Tanya Con dengan wajah datar.
“Oh tidak, seperti yang tadi kubilang, kau hanya perlu memandu Ms.Thring sampai dia beradaptasi ke lingkungan sekitar. Sekarang tolong antarkan Ms.Thring ke Dorm. Fantasieren.”
“Um...Kepala sekolah...bila aku ingin bertanya sesuatu...bolehkah aku datang ke sini?” Ucap Marlianna malu.
“Tentu saja! Pintuku selalu terbuka untukmu.” Balas kepala sekolah sambil tersenyum lebar.
               Ketika Con dan Marlianna pamit dan pergi menuju Dorm.Fantasieren, semua murid memperhatikan Marlianna karena sepertinya aneh bila seseorang masuk ke Eldon ketika bukan semester baru. Mereka berpikir kalau Marlianna pasti sebuah pengecualian dan karena dia spesial.
               Hari pertama dilalui Marlianna seperti murid-murid biasa, dia mulai beradaptasi dengan lingkungan sekeliling tetapi yang paling dekat dengannya hanyalah Con. Marlianna sudah mengenal Con sangat lama, tetapi entah kenapa, Con seperti tidak mau mengenalnya. Tidak seperti dulu ketika Marlianna masih jadi Meridianes...dan masih menjadi milik Con.
               Tidak ada seorangpun yang tahu kalau Marlianna pernah menjadi Meridianes kecuali Con dan Kepala Sekolah. Karena hal itu perlu dirahasiakan. Kepala sekolah bingung kenapa Marlianna bisa berubah menjadi manusia. Dia terus menyelidiki hal tersebut karena itu Marlianna selalu takut bila berhadapan dengan kepala sekolah. Tetapi secara bersamaan, dia bisa merasakan ketenangan.
               Hari kedua di sekolah, Marlianna menghabiskan waktunya di perpustakaan. Dia menulis sesuatu di sebuah buku dengan bagian depan terbuat dari kayu. Dia menulis sesuatu dengan cepat, seperti menceritakan dan menumpahkan semua perasaan dan ingatannya ke dalam buku tersebut sehingga tidak terlewat sedikitpun bahkan kejadian sekecil apapun. Tetapi tiba-tiba ia berhenti. Dia melihat kalau buku tersebut belum memiliki identitas. Pada akhirnya, dia mengukir namanya menggunakan pisau yang dia berikan Con dulu. Dia mengukir dengan teliti walaupun agak berantakan..sebuah ukiran yang bertuliskan ‘Marlianna Thring’
 ELDON 2011
               Aishllinn memegang buku tersebut dengan hati-hati karena takut merusak ukiran indah yang diukir di bagian depan buku. Aishllinn masih mengingat-ingat kejadian saat di perpustakaan tadi. Ms. Numb, guru sekaligus penjaga perpustakaan mengatakan kalau dia baru pernah melihat buku tersebut dan membiarkan Aishllinn memiliki buku tersebut. Aishllinn senang, tetapi dia juga bingung kenapa Ms. Numb mengatakan kalau dia tidak pernah melihat buku tersebut tetapi buku itu berada disana. ‘Tapi sudah takdirlah’ pikir Aishllinn sambil terus memeluk buku itu selama perjalanan menuju Dorm. Fantasieren.
“Aishllinn kau kemana saja? Lama sekali kau ke perpus!” Teriak Alicia sambil melipat kedua tangannya. Aishllinn merasa terjadi perubahan dengan Alicia. Entah kenapa sepertinya dia terlihat lebih....keibuan?...
“Jangan memperhatikanku seperti itu?! Ayo jawab!”
“Alicia....kau ini, Aishllinnkan baru datang. Kenapa harus ribut-ribut?” Tanya Canon sambil menenangkan Alicia yang dapat terlihat entah kenapa marah sekali. Aishllinn yang menyadari Canon tidak diperban, merasa tenang sekaligus senang karena Canon tidak kenapa-kenapa.
               Aishllinnpun menjelaskan kepada keempat temannya tentang apa yang terjadi di perpus. Diapun menceritakan tentang buku Marlianna Thring. Keempat temannya terbingung-bingung ketika Aishllinn bilang kalau terdapat puisi aneh didalamnya yang tidak bisa ia jelaskan artinya, padahal mereka tidak melihat sedikitpun tulisan di dalam buku itu.
“Tapi...kami tidak melihat tulisan apa-apa Aishllinn.” Ucap Charlotte sambil terus mebulak-balik lembaran demi lembaran buku ‘Marlianna Thring’.
“hmm..? aku juga bingung....tadi Alex dan Lydia juga sama seperti kalian. Alex berkata kalau aku aneh karena membaca buku yang tidak ada tulisannya...apakah ini hanya imajinasiku saja ya...?” Tanya Aishllinn sambil murung karena merasa dirinya sangat aneh.
“Oh!! Aku ingat! Aku baru ingat! Dari tadi aku sedang mengingat-ingat! Dan sekarang aku temukan jawabannya!” Canon, Alicia, Charlotte, dan juga Aishllinn dalam sekejap menengok ke arah Casie.
“mm...begini loh. Dulu orang tuaku sering mengumpulkan buku-buku langka tentang sihir. Tetapi, ada satu buku yang melegenda. Buku itu bernama buku...hmmm Mar...Mar...Marlianna Thring! Ya! Dan katanya, buku itu bukan buku biasa. Buku itu memilih pembacanya, bukan sebaliknya.” Ucap Casie panjang lebar membuat keempat temannya bingung dan terbengong-bengong.
“Maksudmu....?” Tanya Canon bingung.
“Maksudku, buku yang ditemukan Aishllinnkan buku Marlianna Thring, pasti inilah buku legenda itu. Buku ini hanya bisa dibaca oleh yang terpilih saja. Dan Aishllinnlah pembaca terpilih. Begitu.” Ucap Casie tersenyum bangga atas kesimpulannya sendiri.
“Maksudmu...buku ini memilihku? biasa. Tapi, kenapa?” Tanya Aishllinn.
“Soal itu aku tidak tahu.” Jawab Casie murung.
Akhirnya kelima sahabat itu memutuskan untuk mencari arti dari puisi yang Aishllinn lihat di dalam buku itu bersama-sama.
               Pada malam harinya, Aishllinn sangat gelisah karena nama Marlianna selalu masuk dalam pikirannya. Pertanyaan yang sama selalu muncul dalam benaknya. Apa maksud puisi itu? Siapa itu Marlianna Thring..? Dan apa maksudnya ‘I AM WATCHING’? apakah maksudnya seseorang sedang memperhatikannya dirinya? Aishllinn terus berputar-putar dalam lingkaran pertanyaan dan jawaban. Dalam kebingungannya. Aishllinn tersadar kalau Magdeliana jarang sekali berbicara, tidak seperti Meridianes yang lain yang selalu berceloteh. Terutama Meridianes Alicia dan Casie yang sering mengulangi kata-kata majikannya. Aishllinn juga baru teringat sesuatu. Bukankah Canon ketua dari club ‘Angel’? lalu kenapa dia jarang menghabiskan waktu dengan klub lamanya itu sejak mereka berlima mulai berteman. Charlotte juga. Dia tidak sependiam dulu, dia lebih bawel daripada Charlotte yang dulu. Apakah semua berubah karena keberadaan dirinya? Sebuah pertanyaan muncul lagi dalam benak Aishllinn membuatnya susah tertidur.

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Aphrozeina-The beginning(English)-Part 3-Revealed

"Uh-Um...Keisuke-San...what are you” Is she asking him or is she trying to convince him not to kill her?
“I’m moving to this class. Why are you shivering like that?” Geez! Didn’t he realize that she is terrified? What a tin man.
“Nothing! I’m just happy I could see you!” What!? What did she said!!!!? Happy?! Yumi! Is he brainwashing you?!
“Happy to meet you too...umm...Yumi?” How did he know? Oh, sure from the books she’s holding. I hope Yumi is not too stupid to not realize that.
“ know my name! Well, excuse me!” She didn’t. She IS stupid.
Other than worrying about Yumi, I think I need to worry about myself. But other than worrying about myself, I think I better calm myself first. So that’s it, I just need to continue looking at the blue sky.
Such a blue sky...even though my eyes are a blue sea colored eyes; I still love the blue skies anyway. A calming blue color...huh? Did I see something just now? Must be my imagination! Ha-ha...but I’m sure that I saw a flying dragon just now...nah! Must be my imagination....Hmm it’s the recess’ bell......why do I feel someone is watching me? Let’s see....Gab is talking with other, Yumi is not here. Who will be the one watching me?
“Aha! It’s you! YOU!” Who’s shouting? Why do I feel like this person is talking to me? Just ignore...”Hey! You!”
“Ow my! Stop bugging me! Huh? (Who are you?)” I smile at him a little but I’m still confused sooo “Do I know you?” I hear some of the students giggle and Gab is grinning since he knows that I’m a forgetful person. Who’s exactly is he?
“Don’t try to get away by sayin’ you don’t know me!” But I don’t, and it’s the truth.
“Well, I don’t. Who are you again?” I feel kinda familiar with him. But Oh Puh-Leez just tell me who are you? Wait...wait! I remember! He’s the freakish guy who is challenging me! “Oh! I remember you! You’re the freakish guy who is trying to challenge me. Umm what group is it? Umm...The Paint Club? No not right. Oh yeah! The Saint Club! What a ridiculous name!” I yell making everybody shocked and said something like ‘ooooooooo’
“Tch! Such a pain in the neck! Fine! I was well-known for the basketball ability! So you need to win or you’ll need to do everything I order you to do.” He said grinning. Didn’t he ever know why he juniors always bugging me? For my sports ability! What an idiot!
“Then! It wouldn’t be fun if it’s only you who got the price. Then if you lose, the entire member of the Paint Club or whatever is going to be my slave!” I grinned happily for the less information he has about me.
When we’re in the middle of grinning, the other two member of the Saint Club are rushing to his side.
“Keisuke! I need to tell you an urgent information *Huff* don’t challenge the girl about Basketball...*Huff* She’s great at it! You can’t beat her! She is the one who they called the Goddess of Sports!*Huff*” Didn’t he realize I’m here? The second is vain the first is a dork, what about the third. Then I look at the last member of the Saint Club. Wow! What a cute kid! Oh I love to have him as a little brother!
“Oooh! What a cute kid! Do you want some candy? I could take you for a walk!” I said and smiled at him wide and I don’t know if he could see through my spectacles or what, I know that he’s blushing. Oh how cuteeee! “Who’s your name?”
“I’m Hiro Takagawa, and please don’t call me a kid....I’m fourteen and I’m a member of the Saint Club too” He said. What!? That’s the first thing that pops up in my mind. A member of the Saint Club? No kidding? Whatever he’s too cute.
“Whatever! Let’s go for a walk. I don’t care about the other! What a cutie! I’ll buy you something!” I said and we’re heading to the cafeteria.
“Wha-What?! She’s great at sports?” Keisuke haven’t realized that Hiro and San have already taken off. “H-Hey! Where are Hiro and that idiotic girl?”
“Don’t haven’t challenged her right?”
“Umm... actually...already”
“What!? What did you say to her?”
“I said that I challenge her to play Basketball and if we lose...we’re going to be her slave...Mion...” Keisuke grimace
               Oh my gosh! How could I eat peacefully with the cute little kid when all the juniors are looking sharply at me!!!! I glanced a little to Hiro. He’s eating peacefully since no one’s watching him. But me?! Me?! What about me?! Urgh! Life! It’s life....
“Hey Hiro! Are you sure you’re one of the members of the...Saint Club?” I asked wishing he’s just joking about him being the member of that Paint Club.
“Nope! I am one of the members of the Saint Club.” He said smiling. I really want him to be my brother!! “Umm Tomori-San...why are you using glasses?” wow! No one has ever asked me?!
“ eyes are really I need to use glasses.” Hopefully he will trust me.
“But it’s just a normal spectacle! You’re not trying to fool me, right?” He knows!
“Well....please don’t tell anybody! I don’t really need to use glasses actually...I just wanted to prevent everybody to use me...” I hope he don’t tell anybody.
“HUH?! Reaaallyyy? Can I see you without glasses sometimes?” OWH! He’s totally look like a little brother.
“Sure, actually there’s a Masquerade Ball that will be attend by all the students of this school. I’ll use mask not spectacles that day. Please promise you’ll keep this secret to yourself. Pinky promise!”
“Pinky Promise!”
“Hmm...I’ll have sports today. What about you?”
“Same! We could meet each other!” Why is he as happy as I am? Hope he’s not what I’m thinking he is.
“But the Grim Reaper will be there too!” I feel the urged to kill that Grim Reaper.
“Grim Reaper? Do you mean Keisuke-San? But he’s nice! You just need to know him more. I’m sure you’ll be best friend in no time” Oh....if the one saying that is my father I’m going to say ‘You wish!’ But since it’s Hiro, no thanks. I’m not going to say that.
“Sure!” Now my mouth taste weird.
“Hey! There they are!” Oh man! Why is it the Grim Reaper and his friend?
“Hiro! What are you doing!? She’s our enemy! You’re coming with me!” What a dude....annoying as ever.
“Bye Hiro!” I said when he’s being drag away. He waved a goodbye and follows his friends.
               Today is so tiring. Nothing tires me more. I will get a bubble bath. Mom’s always said that bubble baths is perfect to rest one mind and fortunately it’s true. I rested up my mind in the bath for a while. I remember Mom and Dad is saying that a cousin of mine is going to stay here since he don’t have a healthy life while living alone. I don’t really remember when he’s going to come.  Well I risk myself since the only great bubblebaths is the one that’s going to be his room’s bathroom. I don’t think he’ll come at this time. He must have got home from school. But I think I’m too confident since....
*creak* The bathroom’s door is open....
“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed as hard as I could when I saw a guy enter the bathroom.
“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Well, he screamed too and bang the door. Geez!!! I’m totally going to be a dead meat! I searched my clothes and wear it as fast as i could ‘I could continue in my bathroom anyway’ I open the door slowly and see the boy is sitting in the sofa. I really need to apologize right now, like, NOW!
“Excuse me...I’m sorry for using your bathroom...*Gasp*” It-It’s HIM! You know what I meant! It’s the Grim Reaper!!! “You!!!!” I screamed!
“Huh?!” He act like he didn’t know me now. HAH! Nice try! But that’s not working for me!
“I never know you’re a pervert too, Vain-man!” I yell at him and he widen his eyes.
“No way! You-You’re the wicked girl!” He yell back and then I realized that...I didn’t use my glasses.